05 December 2011


Sadly, football is not among those things in which it counts. From my favorite Murray Hill coffee joint... Sad that I have a favorite Murray Hill anything - another casualty of the many doctor days up here. But Murray Hill is *almost* the East Village...

24 June 2010

booze cruise skyline

for my birthday in 2008, we all took a rock n roll booze cruise to the mets game. it was totally awesome. check out the view on the shea stadium approach!

23 June 2010

candid villages

this picture was the result of an interesting experiment i tried when i was traveling in east africa. i would take a few pictures and show people what the pictures looked like, then as they were peering into the camera i would flip it around and take their picture. this one is from the village of nchenachena in northern malawi. and here's the same technique in eluwai, deep into maasai country.
my africa venture was a great success, as you can hear for yourself in my radio documentary. but one of the great failings was that i took all these pictures at very low resolution, concerned that my camera would run out of space. i wish i could go back with my new DSLR and get some really high quality pictures - i guess i'll just have to return some day. maybe this time with a video camera and someone to capture the dances... if only i knew someone who knew about dance. :)