24 June 2010

booze cruise skyline

for my birthday in 2008, we all took a rock n roll booze cruise to the mets game. it was totally awesome. check out the view on the shea stadium approach!

23 June 2010

candid villages

this picture was the result of an interesting experiment i tried when i was traveling in east africa. i would take a few pictures and show people what the pictures looked like, then as they were peering into the camera i would flip it around and take their picture. this one is from the village of nchenachena in northern malawi. and here's the same technique in eluwai, deep into maasai country.
my africa venture was a great success, as you can hear for yourself in my radio documentary. but one of the great failings was that i took all these pictures at very low resolution, concerned that my camera would run out of space. i wish i could go back with my new DSLR and get some really high quality pictures - i guess i'll just have to return some day. maybe this time with a video camera and someone to capture the dances... if only i knew someone who knew about dance. :)

22 June 2010


obviously i've been slacking off for quite a while on the adventures - only understandable, given the regularity of my groinstrong posts and my new job as chief correspondent for cobble hill blog. but this picture inspired me to post again. i'm thinking maybe a new picture every day will give me something to write about.

this is a photo from bemidji, a town in northern minnesota and the heart of paul bunyan country. my grandparents were able to visit our cabin on a lake near bemidji a couple of times before my grandfather passed away earlier this year, and this remains one of my favorite photos of them.

kathryn and i are headed to the lake in a couple weeks and could not be more excited. there are few places on earth where i'm able to fully and completely relax. here's a slideshow from the last trip we made back in 2008 which included a visit to itasca, the headwaters of the mississippi. i heart minnesota! at least in the spring, summer, and fall.
Minnesota Vacation

24 May 2010


have i seen the babies movie?


have i seen it twice?


i mean, it's babies. who doesn't love watching babies? especially japanese babies that are not so mechanically inclined.

but this baby is cuter than all the babies of san francisco, tokyo, namibia and mongolia combined.

07 May 2010

Soap box

I know I'm not the first to say so, nor will I be the last:

Penn Station is a subterranean hellhole.

Have you seen pictures of the grand lobby that used to rise above these tunnels? It makes a man weep. And that man is me, wandering the halls with arrows pointing in three different directions towards NJ Transit. Weeping for confusion and Helvetica leading me astray, for the destruction of history, for the Lost City that is disintegrating into rubble before our very eyes. Not all that is old deserves to be saved, and not every new gleaming tower of glass and steel is to be dismissed.

But by god, someone has to do something about Penn Station.

Also, the 34th Street subway station smells like pee.

That is all.

06 May 2010

i balls out love opera.

as you know, i balls out love opera.

but my buddy skippy has taken it one step further. wow. that's all i can say.

05 May 2010

So tempting...

Fresh concrete calls to me like a blank canvas... Too bad it's the middle of the day.

07 April 2010

Blossoms everywhere!

I miss California in January. But when spring finally makes its way to New York, I realize that the Bay is really missing out by not having real seasons. The rebirth of life after winter's decay is transformative, year after year.

My god it's beautiful here.