31 July 2007

mountain of meat

trawling the news, i discovered this tasty morsel:

A Romanian company is accused of dumping 47 tonnes of animal carcasses on the outskirts of Bucharest...
The carcasses are rotting amid heat of 38C, just metres from a main road. Piles of black plastic bags are stacked around the dump, with bits of chicken and even horse carcasses poking through. A strong wind is blowing the stench in all directions, but more worrying is the danger to human health.

Could you say that they are perhaps suffering from a... meat wave?

the best youtube video ever?

no really, you have to watch this right now. 1500 filipino prisoners dancing... come on, just watch it.

did you watch it?

if you're curious, here's a documentary about it: http://youtube.com/watch?v=UWf3y6r0kmA

30 July 2007

the dawning of a new age

ok, i'm 28 now. and i'm serious about blogging. that was a long break, wasn't it? sorry! i've been busy.

i had a gigantic birthday party. i'm pretty sure there were 100 people there. and a lot of them were like 19. but luckily the cops didn't come! what a party.

i went to minnesota for my birthday. my folks have a lake house in cass lake. what beauty, what tremendous silence. kayaking at dawn with osprey, eagles and heron overhead. biking the 20 mile loop around the lake through cathedrals of trees. we went and saw the smothers brothers at a local high school. i bid and made a small slam while playing bridge. most importantly, i got some time with my grandparents, who are old getting older. i love them with all my heart. and i'm coming out to california for thanksgiving to see them -- but also to see all of you who might be there for the holiday.

i was home from minnesota for about 10 hours and then headed upstate for my favorite party of the year in cornwall ny. always a joy to take the hudson line, skirting the hazy river with magical castles and sailboat. it's funny to have a group of friends that i see every six months -- every year there's a summer party and a new year's party. what a loving crew and a great scene. i forget how much i love games. playing badminton in a light rain, extreme off-road bocce, ping pong, epic battles of four square. and lots of drinking.

this has been my week of hot tubs. from tuesday through sunday i have taken at least three hot tubs every day.

and now the noise and the grit and the stench of new york has returned, and i'm not sure that i'm ready. part of a fantastic date last night included a ride across the brooklyn bridge in the cool summer wind, and although the views and company were altogether glorious, the shudder shake rattle and clang traffic below was too much for me.

that's the problem with vacations: they end.

please keep an eye on things here -- i'm back and stronger than before.

05 July 2007

happy 4th! a story of disaster.

a little lapse there. sorry about that. i hope you've all managed somehow. i had the stomach flu for a while. but i'm better now. i actually started taking it easy for a few days and got totally sick. so from now it's full bore party time. for my health!

day three of the flu bears repeating. i probably shouldn't post this here, but what the hell? it's not like more than five people read this thing anyways.

i was at about 80%, just starting to feel recovered, when i went to bartend at a wedding. let me tell you about this complete and utter disaster. the poor bride, i really felt sorry for her. i arrive and the caterer (and my boss) is nowhere to be found. hmmm... so guests are arriving in 30 minutes and nothing is on ice? excellent. wait, we don't have enough ice? oh, and we don't have any bottle openers. awesome. so i went and found a grocery store four blocks away and dragged a sleeve of ice back to the wedding. but where is the caterer?

turns out HE IS IN JAIL! oops. the bride is his ex, and he's catering the wedding as a favor. but he's in prison. wow.

so we get the bar all set up and then it turns out i haven't been hired to bartend, i've been hired to serve food. ugh. i make my way through the crowd with candied bacon and scallops and other fine dishes but everyone is complaining. where are the rest of the servers? why aren't you serving more food? bitch bitch bitch. this is SO not what i signed up for. the bride is bitching me out. her friends are bitching me out. i'm not running things people! leave me alone. i've got a splitting headache and am feeling weak from eating nothing but chicken soup for the last three days.

i overhear someone come up to the bar we'd scrambled to set up and say, wait, you guys, there's supposed to be another bar on the other side of the room. that was the last straw. i eat the last piece of tuna tartare on my plate, grab my bag and walk out the door. god, it felt good to bail out on that chaos.

so i think the lesson is, don't let your friends cater your wedding.

oh, here's the best part. turns out the guest list was all high-ranking staff at the new york times. check out this article!!