18 February 2009


i've been watching a lot of planet earth recently - the david attenborough version, natch; sigourney weaver is ok at best. the ads for planet earth featured this beautiful song by sigur ros - check out the old folks on a rampage. amazing.

10 February 2009

again & again

arctic unicorns!

way to go bbc. thanks for my news stories this morning!

check out this video of narwhal. i love david attenborough.

also, here is a video about a john cage composition that is 639 years long. they just changed the chord!

09 February 2009

song of the day (friday)

i was super busy on friday and meant to find this... i was recovering from my five minute stint as bruce springsteen at karaoke. not as bad as recovering from the party this weekend!

05 February 2009

song of the day

the new tv on the radio is awesome! of course it is.

check out this video to see instruments delivered from heaven.

driving test

i failed my permit test. my permit expired after i left the country. you guys, the california written test is hard!

but i only failed it once.

L-test hell for S Korean driver

A South Korean grandmother has failed her written driving test 771 times.

Police in the city of Jeonju said the 68-year-old woman has taken, and failed, the written test repeatedly since April 2005.

She failed the exam once again on Monday but has said that she will continue trying.

The woman, identified only by her family name Cha, has repeatedly scored between 30 and 50 marks, below the pass mark of 60 out of 100.

The Korea Times reports that Mrs Cha sells food and household items door to door at apartment complexes.

She currently carries the items in a handcart, but thought that she might need a car for her business.

Police estimate she has spent more than four million won (£2,000) to take the written test, with each test costing 6,000 won, in addition to other expenses.

"I feel sorry every time I see Cha fail. When she passes, I'll make a commemorative tablet myself and give it to her," says Park Jung-seok, a traffic police officer.

Mrs Cha has said that she will be back for another attempt. If she passes, then she can begin the practical test.

04 February 2009

one last disturbing thought before bed.

did you hear about these breasts? this woman has had EIGHT surgeries to increase her bust to a mind-boggling 34 FFF.

but wait. that's still not enough.

now she's gone to brazil because the state of texas REFUSED to put any more silicone in her boobs... she already has a GALLON in there. so disgusting.

here are her new, world-record setting 38 KKK size breasts. and with them, i have to assume, new, world-record setting back pain.


best. interview. ever.

john oliver has freakin BALLS people.

song of the day

how amazing is this video? pat benatar was pregnant during filming - check out how they only show her face. well, they do show her whole body... but through a waterfall.

They've been up since january

03 February 2009

song of the day

kanye is WAY better when synced by galifianakis.

on the subject of michael phelps

dude, a 23 year old has to apologize for taking a hit from a bong?

have you seen what he eats?

how do you think he keeps his appetite up?

02 February 2009

pillow fight

i just got a whole batch of new music to catch up with the times. david byrne and brian eno's new collaboration, fleet foxes, the new andrew bird album.

but i am like teenage-obsession obsessed with this song by band of horses.