29 February 2008

new layout!

it's friday afternoon. time for a new look.

this template is called "snapshot tequila."

i couldn't resist.

enjoy your weekend folks!

practice this weekend!

sunday night i will be holding a buzkashi tournament. so start practicing.

what? what's buzkashi?

haven't you been to afghanistan? even prince harry has been to afghanistan.

well, buzkashi is a afghani game.
"buzkashi, or "goat dragging", is played with two teams of horsemen competing to throw a decapitated goat into a scoring circle."

garfield minus garfield

i'm getting a little tired of the cold. after a couple winters in minnesota, the new york winter doesn't get to me as much, but it still takes a lot out of me. i have a feeling that march is going to be a bleary month, what with the endless concerts and such in the last month of magnetic field's life.

speaking of which, i've just set up an acoustic show on sunday march 16th. i'll be playing with the 5th and i promise you that i will play songs. and so will they. there will be shots of jameson. this is our drunken agreement.

anyways, here's a new favorite webcomic. i feel like it completely captures the dark mood of late february.

garfield minus garfield.

morning wisdom

enjoy this rare february 29th!

wondering what to do today?

more good advice from our friends at toothpastefordinner.

27 February 2008

closing bell video

click here to watch the video of the closing bell ceremony! awkward clapping! loud noises! boring clips of the stock exchange floor!


three:fifty-five pm eastern

a link to a live video feed of the closing bell ceremony goes live at 3:55 PM ET. i'll put up the archive link tomorrow in case you miss it!

click here for live video feed

electricity is important

especially when you're on the subway and there's no power. i love spending an hour getting to know my fellow riders.

actually, i don't.

being stuck in the subway SUCKS.

26 February 2008

cnbc, fox business, bloomberg

the above cable channels will be showing myself and my company closing the stock exchange tomorrow at 4 pm!!!!!!!!

fyi, nyse

for your information i will be closing the stock exchange with my coworkers tomorrow.

hells yeah.

25 February 2008

22 February 2008

neutral milk hotel

is one of the best bands ever. well, they at least produced one of the best albums ever, that being in the aeroplane over the sea. it's an album so fraught with emotion that the lead singer/songwriter pretty much went crazy (if he wasn't before) and started recording bulgarian folk music.

a friend of one of my co-workers is involved in a project to record videos to every song on the album. they just finished!

check it out!



check out this amazing gallery. wet people playing guitars. probably not safe for work, depending on where you work.

and speaking of work, my boss just gave us a snow day! who wants to go and play in the snow???


21 February 2008

a sad, sad day


After five-plus years of rocking Atlantic Avenue and entertaining thousands of customers and welcoming hundreds of great bands, Magnetic Field in Brooklyn will be closing its doors on March 31st. Co-owners Lee Greenfeld and William Crane would like to personally thank all of Magnetic Field's staff and patrons for their loyalty over the past few years, as well as all the numerous bands who have brought some truly tremendous and memorable performances to our stage, such as The A-Bones, Black Hollies, Black Lips, the Brought Low,Cynics, Dansettes, Detachment Kit, Mitch Easter, The Figgs, The Fleshtones, Gabby Glaser, Insomniacs, Lenny Kaye, Lilys, Klimpter, Lyres, Glen Mercer, Mugs, Nashville Ramblers, Nouvellas, The Plimsouls, Ponys, Reigning Sound, Real Kids, Shaw Nuff, Steve Wynn And The Miracle 3, Voxtrot, Woggles, and so many more!

We are currently working on a blow-out last week of shows to run March 24th through the 31st. Check our website (http://www.magenticbrooklyn.com) or our MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/magenticfield) for details about these shows when they are announced.


Lee Greenfeld will continue to book and promote shows -- as well as manage bands -- through his Dead Flowers Productions (www.DeadFlowers66.com).

William Crane will work towards expanding his ever-growing gameshow empire via his Dick Swizzle alter-ego (www.DickSwizzle.com).

high fructose corn syrup

first of all, the lunar eclipse was pretty awesome. next time, though, moon, could you please schedule your eclipse in the summer? it got damn cold up on the roof.

i want to take a moment to talk about corn. i'm in the midst of reading the omnivore's dilemma by michael pollan. as the book explains, basically, humans have become walking piles of corn. you can find corn in 30% of the 45,000 items in an average grocery store. corn feeds our cattle, pigs, chicken and even fish. it's more or less impossible to avoid, unless you're motived (or wealthy) enough to eat from local markets (farmers, CSAs etc).

anyways, i've had it on my mind and today as always, toothpastefordinner is right there with me.

united states of food additives

19 February 2008

worst. movie. ever.

i sat down for the long flight from san francisco. it was a bittersweet trip - no one likes to see their heroes (aka my grandparents) broken and ravaged by age. at nearly 90, they are tired. my grandma is mostly blind and my grandpa's spine has been disintegrating for twenty years. so it's not the happiest time hanging out with them, even if their spirit is still strong.

so with a heavy heart i boarded the flight home and discovered that delta's satellite tv system was broken. so to pass the long trip i watched "dan in real life." it was horribly, painfully bad and i wish i'd never watched it.

i just thought i would share with you.

the service industry

i'm not in it any more, but it can be exhausting, infuriating, just maddening. sometimes a customer will treat you with such contempt that it's tempting to do worse than just spit in their drink.

here's one way to get back at those assholes.

total eclipse of...

the moon!

on wednesday night!

who wants to go to coney island?

ward of death

back from a peaceful, quiet trip to california, a trip full of naps in the afternoon, sleeping in and staying up late catching up with old friends and giggling. i walked a lot, marveling in the simple joy of warm sun on my face and knowing which curbside plants are edible.

but all was not exactly peaceful. saturday evening we heard gunshots ring out on ward street and quickly the block was swarming with police and their requisite sirens and spinny lights. like five squad cars in less than a minute. as we walked out to head to san francisco, we heard a woman screaming, please, she's bleeding, let me help her before the ambulance comes. whoa.

when we came back late that night, the street was sealed off and the cops escorted us to the door. excuse me sir, but what happened tonight? we asked our uniformed, middle-aged bespectacled asian escort. "well, there was an incident that we responded to."

ok, thanks for the thorough description. we immediately checked online and discovered that the cops had shot and killed a drunken grandmother wielding a knife.

and now the debate begins. self-defense? or unnecessary and extreme violence?

"neighbors blame cops in shooting death"

15 February 2008

the depth of february

i have escaped. from the frigid, bustling northeast i find myself in a palm-treed paradise. spring is already here, the cherry blossoms are full and splendid and the first thing i noticed this morning was the smell of freshly cut grass.people are people again, with arms and legs and faces; no walking piles of down and wool here.

would someone please remind me why I moved to new york?

14 February 2008

please, help this man find love

from the best of craigslist. somewhere out there is this man's perfect woman. let's hope she's in kansas city too!

lvl 8 ogre mage seeks moon queen or druid

I am a lvl 8 warrior seeking my adventuring companion for game play and fornication. I partake in only adventure/fantasy role play, no creepy goth stuff, it’s too weird. Only sanctioned spells allowed, costume dress optional but preferred. I have the body of a wandering Norwegian brawler and short brown hair. Please be quite buxom and imaginative for play and enjoy fantasy role play aesthetics. Please send pics, leves, preferred adventure type and spell list. We could go get dinner (under $20), and watch a movie. Also I’m allergic to cats.

oh, and

happy valentine's day!

i hate being single on valentine's day.

ready to go

i'm not in a good mood today. i'm not sure why. maybe i'm underslept. maybe i need to get laid. maybe i'm just ready to be in california. i'm not at all excited about a seven hour flight in a middle seat -- it's all that was left -- but man oh man, am i looking forward to being out there. it's cold today and the possibility of warm sun on my face is pretty damn appealing. weather forecast: in the 50s all weekend. hells yeah.

13 February 2008

jesus = beautiful

this is an ad for lip balm. flavor, virtuous vanilla. awesome.

countdown: 45 days

it will be 45 days until our new phone system is installed. it's going to be awesome. caller ID (finally!), online-based call forwarding to mobile, pretty new phones with computer screens.

i want a remote headset. aw yeah.

on such a crappy, rainy day, i have to find optimism somewhere. the arcade fire station on pandora is helping. but the fact that i'm playing a late set tonight at a dive in the lower east side isn't making my outlook brighter.

uno = one

i hope you all watched the westminster dog show last night. i damn near cried when the beagle won. i would love to write all about it but i have a meeting uptown. if someone is selling us something, shouldn't they come to us?!?

12 February 2008

a little morning adventure

the crush of the morning commute. not my favorite part of my new job. in fact, it may be my least favorite part. i take the 4 train into manhattan every day, and there are some days where the crowds are beyond pushy towards rude and obnoxious.

this morning i managed to get a seat as i got on the train, a rare luxury. as i sat down and cracked open a new book (love is a mixtape, rob sheffield), two riders bumped into each other near me. one went absolutely nuts, cursing and spitting and telling the other to back the fuck off and find some space.

the other, a tall dreadlocked black man, turned slowly towards the man, now nearly frothing at the mouth. he looked him calmly in the eye and said

stand down, wannabe soldier.

after that, silence.

don't you wish that worked with president bush?

11 February 2008

shred forever

i don't know whether you ended up watching the shreds clips i posted a while back.

well, i went online to show some friends last week and discovered that all the shreds clips were gone! pulled assumingly for copyright infringement... or because the artists were totally embarrassed. i was pretty bummed, as these clips are now part of my regular viewing.

thanks to the magic of the wired blog, the posts are now online in full:

watch them here.

music genome project

ok, back in the goodle days i worked for an up and coming internet company as a professional almost-spammer (and my friends wonder why i email and text them all the time!). when i worked there i was obsessed with pandora, a personalized online radio station. it's been a long time since i checked them out, but after years of indexing their music the quality of links and relevant groups is way beyond what it used to be. and now i am a man obsessed.

my favorite stations so far are stations for neutral milk hotel and the meters. check it out for yourself!


r.i.p. roy scheider

heaven is going to need a bigger boat.


ok, the temperature today is completely unacceptable. definitely below zero wind chill. in minnesota the weather includes a pain index rating - that's how much it will hurt when you go outside. i'd say we've got about a 6 out of 10.

and speaking of frozen, my favorite crew is at it again. i'm finally on their mailing list so i won't miss out on things like this:

08 February 2008

how to market aggressively

with recent indicators of an economic downturn, things are getting hard for local merchants. they're starting to accept euros in manhattan. and why not?

i found this picture in the subway. i guess the local merchants are really struggling to keep their customers.

c'mon doughboy, you were such a good shopper! please come back!

07 February 2008

we need a new intern.

so we help her keep her visa. but if she doesn't do any work, can we send her back to france?

anyone feel like labeling CDs and doing data entry for no pay?

contender for worst book ever

i finally finished foucault's pendulum. umberto eco, i give you the same advice connery gave trebek.

suck it, eco. suck it long. and suck it hard.

onwards to vonnegut!

04 February 2008

the age of aquarius

sister's birthday on saturday, uncle's on sunday and then my mom and grandpa today. i can't take it any more! plus, if i'm going to call you for your birthday, answer your dang telephone! a birthday message just doesn't cut it.

speaking of astrology, there's a full lunar eclipse this month, and it's visible in all of north america. make a note in your calendar: for the east coast, check it out february 20th between 8:43 and 11:09 pm, with totality between 10:01 and 10:51.

in other news, i figured out how to make those embedded youtube clips tiny!

it's understandable that a cowboys fan would be angry at the cowboys loss to the giants on their way to super bowl glory! tickertape parade tomorrow!