31 October 2008


I just want to point out that already multiple times after asking ADULTS to only take one piece of candy that they have taken more than one.

And then we wonder why our financial system fails...


hello. i am back, for now.

do you remember this giant lego man appearing on a beach?

he's back!

Giant Lego man appears on beach
It is not known where the giant Lego figure came from

A Dutch artist is thought to be behind the mysterious appearance of a giant Lego man on Brighton beach.

The 6ft-tall (1.8m) red, green and yellow figure has the slogan "No Real Than You Are" painted on the front.

Brighton resident Peter McNiven said he had spotted the figure in the sea while walking to work this week.

A spokeswoman for Lego said the artist responsible, Ego Leonard, would be exhibiting artwork in London in the coming weeks.

A Lego man with the same slogan appeared on a Dutch beach last year.

Mr McNiven, 32, who works for a digital marketing company, said: "I just happened to stumble across him on Wednesday morning.

"I took a couple of pictures because it's not something you see every day.

"There's a lot of talk about him coming over from Holland to here, but there's no tide marks on him."

The Dutch Lego man
The Dutch Lego man was pulled out of the sea last year

In August 2007 a giant Lego toy, bearing a close resemblance to the Brighton figure, mysteriously appeared on Zandvoort beach in the Netherlands.

The blue and yellow figure was pulled out of the sea and bore the same slogan "No Real Than You Are".

A Lego spokeswoman said: "This giant Lego figure [in Brighton] came as quite a surprise to us when we heard about it yesterday.

"We understand the person behind this is a Dutch artist called Ego Leonard who will be exhibiting in London in the coming weeks."

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said the figure had been taken away.

16 October 2008


i don't really have time for the adventures right now. :(

you probably know why already but if you don't:


07 October 2008

06 October 2008

the world's next sociopath

The boy jumped a security fence at the Alice Springs Reptile Center in central Australia early Wednesday, then went on a 30-minute killing spree, using a rock to slay three lizards, including the zoo's beloved, 20-year-old goanna, which he then fed to "Terry," an 11-foot, 440-pound vsaltwater crocodile, said zoo director Rex Neindorf.

The boy, whose deadly acts were caught on the zoo's security camera, also threw several live animals to Terry over the two fences surrounding the crocodile's enclosure, at one point climbing over the outer fence to get closer to the giant reptile. In the footage, the boy's face remains largely blank, Neindorf said.

"It was like he was playing a game," he said.

He killed 13 animals worth around $5,500, including a turtle, bearded dragons and thorny devil lizards, Neindorf said. Although none were rare, some would be difficult to replace, he said.

"We're horrified that anyone can do this, and saddened by the age of the child," Neindorf said.

Alice Springs police said they identified the boy, who lives locally, but were unable to press charges because of his age. Children under age 10 are not criminally liable under the law in the Northern Territory.

"By all accounts, he's quite a nasty 7-year-old," said Neindorf, who plans to sue the boy's parents. "If we can't put the blame onto the child, then someone has to accept the responsibility."

The zoo's security system, which relies on sensors, probably did not detect the boy because he is so small, Neindorf said.

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