21 August 2006

it's life and life only

i am reveling in a few spare moments for writing.

i am in love with this sticky city. it has wrapped itself around me and it's hard to take even a single breath.

i watch the metropolitans play and read the pure aching joy and mystery of shoeless joe, wp kinsella. they made a movie from it called field of dreams, one of my all time favorites. guess what? the book is better.

baseball as a metaphor for life, or something like that.

the jackhammer started at 7 am this morning. i kinda liked it. the noise from outside has started to feel like a rapturous urban embrace. it lulls me to sleep even as it shakes my room.

late night in washington square park, a wide-eyed junkie approached me with a crack pipe.

he said

"man, don't start with this stuff. i been on it for years."

"you want some?"

no thanks, i just came to piss in the bushes.

1 comment:

  1. Jonah? Lulled to sleep by noise? This is surely not the same Jonah I know...

    I'm happy that NY is treating you well. I was just thinking about how I haven't talked with you in awhile. Let's put in request for a few spare minutes for chatting.