07 April 2010

Blossoms everywhere!

I miss California in January. But when spring finally makes its way to New York, I realize that the Bay is really missing out by not having real seasons. The rebirth of life after winter's decay is transformative, year after year.

My god it's beautiful here.

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  1. Um, babe? this no seasons comment really only works in Fall, which we don't have at all and the East Coast is known for. But have you really forgotten the EXPLOSION of color and blossoms EVERYWHERE that happens in the Bay in Spring? The shocking pops of bright and lively and across the color spectrum hues that spring from (har!) every sliver of dirt? If so, I'm so glad you're coming home soon for a refresher. Spring in the Bay is the best, the fact that everything grows here without even trying, it's amazing. I walk around all day with my mouth hanging open. I think Spring is the only season we do have. It's a distinctly different flavor this time of year. I've no doubt there are some blossoms to admire in NY, nor that they feel a bit sweeter after the shitstorms of winter, but here its ubiquitous madness, like Nature's just screaming, "CHECK ME OUT" and we didn't have to suffer the indignities of subfreezing temps to get it. Sorry but tis true. XO,N