09 January 2007

bartending sucks. happy new year!

and why do i say it sucks? because i love it but i'm not making any money. last night i had the worst night i've ever had behind the bar and went home with so little money i feel like i should spend all week huddled in a corner to avoid spending what little i have. it's an up and down life, i suppose, and i love working on karaoke nights, but it's just not enough, especially given that red hot has cut my hours back and my other new job at monkeytown isn't so lucrative either.

this is a terrible city to be broke.

new york can smell weakness and fear, loneliness and poverty. i've tried not to take for granted the lushness of my first nine months here, but now that i'm in some lean times, i feel the weight of this city pressing down and demanding so much. it's not like i'm in trouble or anything, i wouldn't want to worry my three readers, but i know there are so many of us who struggle to make ends meet here. and for what? to pay exorbitant rent? how many of us are truly living out our dreams here? i thought i was there for a while, working as an advocate in my field. but i seem to have lost my way. it's 1 pm and i'm still in my pjs. does anyone care? do i need to be anywhere? no. and that's a dangerous situation.

thank god i have a girlfriend who's watching out for me.

speaking of that, here's michelle. she's amazing.

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  1. Hang in there! April is purported to the the "cruelest" month, but for those in the hospitality industry, certainly it has to be January.

    No place you have to be -- that gives you perhaps a chance to be where you WANT to be. Certainly there must be some great things to do in New York that won't assault your budget.