07 February 2007

the cold and the business

i'm just waking up from the second night in a row bartending downstairs, and i'm working tonight too. this is getting a little tiresome, but since i'm still training at the stanton social, i need the money. i really wish i wasn't working tonight, especially since i leave for chicago at 8 am tomorrow.

i finally have an internet connection in my room, so i thought i'd take advantage of it. it's hard to write much these days since the only network i have is at work. and we've discussed workblogging before.

so what's new? red hot is moving uptown to 30th and madison -- gone the cobblestone alleys and supermodels of soho, but also gone the old hallway. i've been working in a narrow hallway where i have to push my seat forward every time someone walks by, which is pretty much constantly throughout the day. but now, we're getting a couple red hot workstations and a corner with a view of the empire state building. well, the corner is nearby, it's not like i actually have a view.

what else is new? i'm going to chicago tomorrow to lecture at columbia college. i've been too busy to even go through my lecture, and by the time i speak tomorrow night, i'll be running on fumes. luckily i can damn near do this thing in my sleep. anybody in chicago? i'll be at the ferguson theater at 600 s. michigan at 6 pm.

anything else new? oh yes, winter is HERE. true, it'll be even colder in chicago, but after a frighteningly mild winter (70 degrees first week in january), the cold has finally set in. i live two blocks from the new york harbor, and my god, the wind whipping down my block is something else. coming home from the subway, it feels like it gets colder every single step of the way. the other problem with the cold is that no one is going out, which means no one is coming to my bar. which means i have no money. at least columbia is paying me to come out there.

so i have an unbelievable to do list before i have to open the bar at 4, but i just wanted to say hi and let you all know i'm doin' alright. and by the way, did i tell you about my parents' new blog? here it is. i love the newest entry about being in a quiet retreat at an old mansion in the foothills of the himalayas and being overrun by a massive bollywood movie production!

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