26 February 2007

snow falling on oscars

a light snow is falling, and will continue to fall as i soon sleep, and tomorrow the city will be again be destroyed, a mayhem of black gritty sidewalks and salt and ice and et cetera. new york is truly a joy during winter.

i'm still recovering from portland and i've got a busy week coming up, so this will be another short one, a quickie to keep all seven of you coming back week after week. i swear, i'd like to write more here, but if i don't even have time for my own journal, how can i make time to write for public viewing?

my plan currently: not drinking so much. we'll see how that goes. updates later this week!

and as for portland:


pretty tame. i'll tell you all about the rest soon.

1 comment:

  1. now i see why your friends love you so much! ;)