28 September 2007

magnetic field softball

you may remember that i used to be the jinx for our softball team. for three seasons i'd never been present at a victory, although we'd had a few. that streak finally ended earlier this month. with a forfeit. streak over regardless.

after our recent fall season ended due to some field permit weirdness, it looked like we were done playing softball until the spring. but then we were able to squeak into the kings county co-ed fall conference. the games start later because we're playing on a field with lights. it sounds nice.

but i wouldn't know, because so far i've worked through every single game.

and now check out the standings!

note: at press time, magnetic field was 3-0 and tied with the fully-uniformed scary irish bartenders of mcmahons for first place.


i'm never going to a game again. my guess is the team would appreciate it.

at least i can still be their bartender.

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