19 November 2007

excuse: big change

sorry, the adventures have fallen silent for the past week. but i promise you, i have a very good excuse. last week i was training at my new job! it's all happened so fast that i haven't even had time to write about it. and now i have so much to do that i barely have time today.

so here's the story: i am the new administrator for a non-profit that (mainly) organizes volunteer musicians to play in hospitals around new york (and philly and nashville too). we also deliver CDs and discmen to hospitals all over the country and record musicians who themselves are in hospitals.

i'm going to be doing a little of everything, from office management to online marketing to event planning to graphic design. i think it's going to be a challenge! and i'm looking forward to it.

i love bartending. and i'm going to miss it! it's hard work and the hours are long, but when it's fun, it's the most fun i've ever had at a job. my bosses have treated me well and i'm sorry to have to leave.

but since i moved to new york to deepen my involvement at the intersection of music and health, how could i not take this job?

and look, the view from my desk is across madison square park to the old met life building.

and check this out -- an office full of smiles and CDs to the ceiling.

i just have one question: who could ask for anything more?


  1. Welcome to the other side. Where free alcohol is replaced by free lunch and morning is no longer bedtime.

  2. Free lunch? Where? No one told me about this, and I've had this job for 12 years!

  3. That bald guy looks creepy

  4. Way to go, Jones!