12 February 2008

a little morning adventure

the crush of the morning commute. not my favorite part of my new job. in fact, it may be my least favorite part. i take the 4 train into manhattan every day, and there are some days where the crowds are beyond pushy towards rude and obnoxious.

this morning i managed to get a seat as i got on the train, a rare luxury. as i sat down and cracked open a new book (love is a mixtape, rob sheffield), two riders bumped into each other near me. one went absolutely nuts, cursing and spitting and telling the other to back the fuck off and find some space.

the other, a tall dreadlocked black man, turned slowly towards the man, now nearly frothing at the mouth. he looked him calmly in the eye and said

stand down, wannabe soldier.

after that, silence.

don't you wish that worked with president bush?

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