19 February 2008

ward of death

back from a peaceful, quiet trip to california, a trip full of naps in the afternoon, sleeping in and staying up late catching up with old friends and giggling. i walked a lot, marveling in the simple joy of warm sun on my face and knowing which curbside plants are edible.

but all was not exactly peaceful. saturday evening we heard gunshots ring out on ward street and quickly the block was swarming with police and their requisite sirens and spinny lights. like five squad cars in less than a minute. as we walked out to head to san francisco, we heard a woman screaming, please, she's bleeding, let me help her before the ambulance comes. whoa.

when we came back late that night, the street was sealed off and the cops escorted us to the door. excuse me sir, but what happened tonight? we asked our uniformed, middle-aged bespectacled asian escort. "well, there was an incident that we responded to."

ok, thanks for the thorough description. we immediately checked online and discovered that the cops had shot and killed a drunken grandmother wielding a knife.

and now the debate begins. self-defense? or unnecessary and extreme violence?

"neighbors blame cops in shooting death"


  1. Jesus! I know it's f-ed up and i know that's my street but you don't even mention the amazing evening/night that followed this tragedy? sheesh.

  2. point taken. there was also an awesome talent show that night. powerpoints about trees, covers of survivor, haikus etc. really, the party is why i went out to california in the first place!