26 January 2009

Cat fight

I just broke up a fist fight! On a crowded subway!

Two women had bumped into each other trying to get on the F train and one was like uh-unh shorty, back off bitch! And she slapped the other woman and they started slapping each other's faces and wrasslin against a door. A couple people along with me pulled them apart and then I stood like a bodyguard between them, silently with my arms crossed, with a plastic covered library copy of italo calvino short stories in one hand and the other shaking a bit from adrenaline.

They kept yelling at each other until a lady cop further down the train was like, shut the hell up, don't make me call the cops... Which I found confusing.


  1. I'm really sorry I missed this and also sorry I had to get off the phone before you could tell me the whole story. Perhaps you can re-enact it for me later?

  2. I think your video below with the cat and dog was cuter!