29 January 2009

song of the day proves controversial.

i'm not sure i should stick with this... i pissed off steve by stealing his idea (i would guess not really too badly though) and then i really pissed off mike doughty (see comments) ... or someone pretending to be mike doughty.

it would be kind of weird, right? if mike doughty took my blog post personally? i just thought the last couple albums have been a little overproduced. "ghastly" was harsh.

i love mike doughty. i can even recite a fair number of doughty's songs from start to finish. oh doughty. please forgive me. remember the show at the charles river bandshell? maybe 1998? you signed my friend's dugout. you wrote that you did not condone. that was awesome.


  1. Dude, you can email Mike through his website, and he'll actually respond. So I bet you can confirm it was not him.

    If it is a joke, I wish I had thought to do it.

  2. "dear mike, did you happen to see when i called your album a piece of garbage and you bitched me out via the comments section?"

    "was that really you?"

    "also here is a bracelet."