20 March 2006

be careful when you throw garbage out a third story window

it is a wonderful thing, having a home. the moving is done and the adventures have begun.

the adventures are located here:


our story today is about throwing things out the window. always fun!

i had completed my search for a local bagel shop and was slowly making my way through the industrial warehouses next to the port. the island skyscrapers rose up from the old containers like so many spring flowers reborn. crisscrossing through the neighborhood, i found myself across the street from a pile of trash. a battered poster of an egyptian statue caught my eye, and i do have an apartment to furnish. as i readied to cross the street, someone shouted from a window, are you ready? is it okay? a small crate emerged from the third story window and i noticed someone standing next to the heaped garbage. he shouted, yeah okay go! the old crate made its way the down the three stories onto the sidewalk. there was a crunch and a flash of black. black? a furry black mass bolted from its erstwhile home, terrified but alive. the man on the sidewalk looked up wide-eyed to his partner, DUDE THE CAT WAS IN THERE!

they laughed. i laughed. the flying cat of columbia street, robbed of a quiet crate nap and of one of its nine lives, was not amused.

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  1. grrr. hate when that happens.