24 March 2006

i am an idiot

it being my first full weekend in this grand metropolis, i thought it'd be nice to splurge and go to carnegie hall to see the kronos quartet. so i took the a train (my first subway ride since moving here) and got tickets for ameet and me to go to the show tonight. they only release a few discounted day-of tickets, and i was so excited to get a pair. so excited that i didn't think to check them out. i took the train all the way back to brooklyn and all the way up to the fourth floor walkup that i call home before i saw that i had bought tickets to the NEW YORK POPS. nothing against the pops, they're fine, but come on, i want to see kronos! so i called the theater and the only thing i could do was to go back to the box office. so i turned around and got back on the train, this time with a copy of starving hysterical naked allen ginsberg to pass the time. tonight's show was already sold out, but they were nice enough to give me tickets to the right show tomorrow night. total travel time: 4 hours. subway cost: 8 dollars. two tickets: 20 dollars. realizing you're an idiot: priceless.

otherwise, things are going well. i've got my first interview on monday as a twice a week barback somewhere near union square. i'm in touch with someone who has lived in town for a while (i.e. has all the stuff i don't want to have to buy to resettle) and is looking to move in with someone come june. we sound compatible, so we'll see where that goes.

my sister didn't get into smith. poor hannah. i hope she figures out a way to get the hell out of minnesota. not that it's a bad place, but han, i'll bet you're reading this and just aching to be somewhere else. getting rejected totally sucks. i'm sorry that you haven't found your place, but a lesson -- if you don't focus at crucial times in your life, it'll come back to bite you in the ass. and i'm afraid spring 2006 is ass-biting season for you. sorry.

for the ride to manhattan today (the first one), i listened to wilco's yankee hotel foxtrot. an amazing album. the first song got me thinking about all that i've left behind. i don't think it's been long enough for it to sink in that i'm not dating elaine any more, but when jeff tweedy sings "i'm hiding out in the big city blinking / what was i thinking when i let go of you?" it starts to feel more real. then again, he also says that distance has a way of making love understandable. things have been so crazy here that i haven't been able to properly process the break-up. even though we both agree it's for the best and are still in touch in positive ways, it's hard to be alone in such a big place and i miss her.

luckily i have a million things to distract me. here comes the weekend!

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