19 March 2006

welcome, my friends

the sun has smashed its way through my early morning window, and even though the rum-induced haze ended at 4 am, it's time to begin my first day in brooklyn. i'm in my new room. it's oddly shaped, with doors and strange pieces of wall that jut out at various angles. hard to believe that i'm actually here after so much anticipation. did i really spend a year and a half living in minnesota? and now i live in new york? wow.

the empire state building was lit green when we arrived on the evening of st patty's day. this city has a powerful tractor beam -- once we saw that first sign bearing NEW YORK CITY 369 MILES, i don't think we could have changed our destination if we tried. the giddy terror of this new life hit me on the g.w. as coltrane blasted out acknowledgement and we descended into the heaving bosom of city.

so far the city has put on a show for me. it wasn't spring in minnesota, that's for damn sure, but here the crocuses, daffodils and dogwood at the cobble hill park are opening their eyes and reaching out towards the beautiful blue sky. it's a chilly, crisp day. if i stick my head out my window and turn to the right, i can the see beyond the fences of the b.q.e. to the east river. it's a little uncomfortable to sit leaning out the window, so maybe i'll spend some time enjoying the view from the roof.

dannyrich, a neighbor and stranger, has been generous enough to provide me with a wireless connection, although it's not so reliable. props must be relayed nonetheless to dannyrich.

it's good to be here.

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