04 April 2006


and you may find yourself
living in a shotgun shack
and you may find yourself
in another part of the world
and you may find yourself
behind the wheel of a large automobile
and you may find yourself
in a beautiful house
with a beautiful wife
and you may ask yourself

well...how did I get here?

i'm not sure how it's all happened so quickly, but i think i was just hired for my dream job. i'm going to be a sort of administrator for red hot (http://www.redhot.org). not administrator in a secretary sense -- this position is more like director of operations. it'll start part-time, but the opportunity for growth is considerable. basically, the people who started red hot have a million other things going on (including running a huge web production company -- http://www.funnygarbage.com) and they want me to breathe some new life into a well-established organization. this is an incredible chance to make a real difference in hiv/aids education and prevention. i'll be doing a little of everthing -- disbursing grants, web development, promotions and marketing, archival maintenance, music production and even envisioning and securing financing for new projects (how about something focusing on music about hiv in africa? a movie perhaps?).

i'm still in shock that i managed to work things out so quickly. i've been in the city just over two weeks, i have two jobs and a volunteer position, and now all i have to do is find a place to live. and i think as all the students shift around come the month of may some things will be available.

time to head to the bar! hopefully i'll be back by 5 am.