20 April 2006

a room of one's own

it’s just after midnight. the humble click of my keyboard is no match for the snap and ping of the typewriter across the way. some studious author perhaps hard at work on the next great american novel, or maybe he’s writing scripts for wrestling pictures to make ends meet and dreaming of better times, hard to say. if his apartment were any closer to mine, i might be able to read it, but for now i’ll take his click and clack to be of the utmost importance, regardless of content.

unfortunately it looks like i’ll be trading his graceful mechanical rhythm for something a little less delicate. this afternoon i accepted an offer to move into a new apartment on atlantic avenue, a central artery coming off the brooklyn-queens expressway and definitely not as quiet as my present sheltered block of brownstones. the place has some significant pros – it’s the southernmost street of brooklyn heights and i’ll be two blocks away from the gorgeous brooklyn promenade, not to mention sahadi’s, a marvelous middle eastern market. although my bedroom is on the small side and faces the street (and is above a bar), the apartment as a whole is huge and has a washer/dryer and an enormous porch that could comfortably seat eight for brunch. most importantly, the two people already living there seem to be totally relaxed, down to earth and friendly. they both work for XXL, a pretty important hip-hop culture magazine (http://xxlmag.com/), and i think we’ll get along splendidly. and i’ll still be a few short blocks from my friends here on baltic avenue. the noise makes me a little nervous, but i talked to the guy vacating my room after living there for the past five (!) years, and he said it wasn’t too bad and didn’t even bother his light-sleeping girlfriend. so all in all i am excited to have found a good place with good people.

one month in new york city and i have my dream job and an apartment in brooklyn heights. now that ain’t too bad.

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