24 April 2006

what i did today

it's late, so i won't say much. but today was my first day as the administrator of red hot. i am overjoyed to be back at work after so long, especially since i get to work with something that means so much to me.

today i read all the applications for african grant recipients in the past year -- we've got some money to give away and we want to continue to work with some of the organizations we already support. so they told me, given my on-the-ground experience that they'd appreciate my opinion of which organizations seemed to have effective models for education and outreach. we also had a long meeting about being a media organization in the age of free downloads, and talked about creative ways to both keep people interested and maintain our revenue stream.

for those of you who have a solid internet connection, go to redhot.org and watch the video for david byrne's cover of cole porter's don't fence me in. it's amazing.

in other news, last week i got a manicure/pedicure with my sister. it totally ruled.

also, i'm painting my new apartment. i'm thinking pale green with gray trim and rosewood furniture.

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