30 May 2006

recognition is due

last night, i sent out the email which may well have drawn you here. as soon as i sent it, i read it over and started to feel awful. on this day of mourning, a day which recognizes the terrible sacrifice made by so many, here i go sending out a cheery email, celebrating myself in the self-aggrandizing way which i seem to love. i know so many people all over the world who do amazing things and they don't seem to email all their friends to share. i don't think i'll ever send another mass email.

also, i should have mentioned that the piece some of you might listen to today was overseen by marco werman at the world. marco gave me the opportunity to share this story with a national audience and was instrumental in putting it all together, along with his co-producer helen barrington. their guidance was essential and i can't wait to hear the mix that helen has put together.

i've struggled my whole life with my own self-obsession, and sometimes it gets the better of me. i hope you don't mind putting up with it from time to time. please tell me when i cross the line, won't you?


  1. don't mind at all. please continue to send out updates about your talents and accomplishments. if we can't celebrate them with you then what good are we as your friends? (ps. this is why i do the talent show and yerm ahm - to get more people to "bother" the rest of us with their brilliance)

  2. i most decidedly concur. for those of us on the fringes, i would like to tell you emphatically that hearing of your adventures and having a small glimpse into the wonderful work that others are doing really, really only makes my heart swell -- and that is never a bad thing.