26 May 2006

the tourists

i live on the second floor above atlantic avenue, just a block off the brooklyn-queens expressway. atlantic is a major thruway and the neighborhood is historic. the bank a couple blocks down has a huge plaque to mark the spot where washington watched the battle of long island. and so the tourists come.

from my second story window, i'm even with their open-air seats on the double-decker buses. they pause from time to time in front of my apartment. they're outside when i watch tv, when i stretch up into mountain pose, when i'm writing.

i don't know why it strikes me as funny every time i see them. once, a family was standing up in the stopped bus, filming the brownstones and downtown highrises. they pointed the camera in my window, and i waved. they waved back and were gone.

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  1. wellie wellie wellie, look what i found. a peak into jonah. what a treat. i'll take a peak every so often. hope you got that cute bed, but the mattress didn't look too comfortable. will try to remember amidst work stuff to tune in to your peice. i'll write it on my hand or something. so fab that you are living in new york. awesome. i also LOVE new york. don't know how you finally painted, but i definitely believe in breaking colour taboos/traditions.take good care, friend, lauren (schneider)