18 May 2006

to my five or so dedicated readers:

i most humbly apologize for the long hiatus. it’s been a hectic move and my writing has fallen off the table. i promise to those brave five who type adventuresinbrooklyn or click on their bookmark (those are the true heroes) that the adventures will soon return in force.

for now, let me just say that i love:

my apartment, my neighborhood.

the sunsets down atlantic avenue and across the water, through the rising steel haze at the port.

the mets. i have a hat that has a funny mixed up N and Y.

the slate sidewalks, the avenues of stone, brown and blue and grey, the green of ginkgo plane tree chestnut cradling the firm earth.

i don’t love the trucks, the hospital loading zone across the street and the late night drunks from the bar downstairs. i try not to sleep with earplugs, but i do sometimes. i’m getting used to it.

but i love my job and so much else and every time a truck downshifts or a car rides by with the boomin system, i think wait, this city has embraced me, welcomed me with a little luck and put me exactly where i want to be.

over the next weekend the development of my room will make some real progress. i already managed to find a small desk that fits into a corner, an AC and a set of mounted wall shelves. the final piece of my bed and a new mattress arrive tomorrow morning. i only wish i could take the day off and put everything together. soon enough.

like. blogging i hope so – blogging
– oh my god is it okay to mention know if any of you really care about what my room looks is

blogging in a blog? i don’t

good night.

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