08 August 2008

Dude. Not cool. (morning crankiness)

Not cool: kanye west's egomaniacal mta ads. I think they're for absolut vodka. The last thing I need in the morning is a sign telling me I can take two Be Kanye tablets and "feel famous on the outside.". Disgusting.

Not cool: the bicyclist on 14th street last night. Fine you can bike on the sidewalk even if you shouldn't. I do it sometimes too. But really? DO YOU REALLY NEED AN AIRHORN? OK maybe given the lack of compassion shown by NYC drivers, it's not a bad idea. But YOU WERE ON THE SIDEWALK. Come on old man! Pedestrians can see you. You do not need an airhorn for sidewalk biking!

Not cool: you know who you are, lady. I was walking off the train at the 23rd street stop, tired and achy and still wanting to be on vacation. I walked in a straight line towards the exit turnstiles, heading towards my usual exit. I guess you had somewhere more important to be, huh? You couldn't dip in front of me or pause for a moment and slip behind. No, you raised your right elbow, gave me a solid shove in the ribs and pushed me aside to access the next turnstile over.

I know you can be a little harsh sometimes, but please, New York City, don't ever grind me down to the point where I feel it necessary to push my fellow denizens aside with such utter disregard. They say to live in New York City but not so long that it makes you hard, and to live in California but not so long that it makes you soft. I've done both plus Minnesota...

So I guess that would make me soft, hard and extremely cold.

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  1. http://www.mollygood.com/20581-20080807/#comments
    hahaha. Ah, New York. You're like that well-dressed--but often dirty--asshole. You're often funny, often smart, and you're great in bed, so we keep coming back. Even though you piss us off.