25 August 2008

moving day: pros and cons.

pro: moving out of a noisy, dirty apartment into the third story of a magnificent brownstone with fantastic housemates.

con: my back hurts. a lot.

pro: fun times with a good friend moving together.

con: $115 ticket for double parking at 10 am on a sunday. m.f.ers.

pro: nice van rental man saving us that amount by giving us a business rental.

con: screaming match with man who stole my gas grill from the curb while we were moving the van after getting the ticket. (pro: got it back.)

pro: trip to ikea.

con: trip to ikea.

pro: resting while friend drives back from jersey.

con: three parter - 1) sunday summer traffic entering holland tunnel 2) commercial vehicles not allowed in said tunnel 3) having to turn around and go through staten island.

pro: getting time with kathryn after long weekend.

con: with traffic, time together begins at 11:30 pm.

pro: acupuncture after work tonight.

con: work beforehand.

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