18 August 2008

what else is awesome?

ME. i am awesome. let me tell you how awesome i am.

i think i am a little tired from playing in the ocean all weekend.

today i took the mail out on my way to get to some rice and beans for lunch.

also i took a deposit with about $8000 in checks that was supposed to go to the bank.

i stopped at the mailbox and dropped it all in.

uh oh...

the deposit wasn't supposed to go in there!

so about 10 minutes before the 3 PM pickup i went down to stake out the mailbox. i wish it had been a steak out, that sounds far more delicious.

after an hour the mailman came and opened it up. he said i could look through the mail ONCE.

and i found it!

and now i get to keep my job!

see how awesome i am?

damn it.

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