30 January 2008


ahhhhhhhhhhhhh is very different from AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

the event is over and a smashing success. it was one of the most stressful days of my entire life. not a big surprise that it was a little challenging: four different DVD and slideshow inputs on 13 video screens and having them look sharp and at the proper aspect ratios with the proper timing and synced up with a soundtrack and live stage cues... whew!

but i did meet gavin degraw and danced with germany's next top models. and by with i mean on the balcony above them. close enough.

thanks for emails and texts of encouragement -- especially all who let me know that the mets had picked up santana!

since we had an official photographer i didn't bring my camera but i'll let you know when there are pictures online.

for now:


  1. So I assume the celebratory drinking starts after your gig Saturday?

  2. um, i was at jimmy's at 1 am. i'd say the celebratory drinking has already begun!

  3. Ah Jimmy's. Gotta love that place.