22 January 2008

life after people

this morning as i ate my yogurt and granola i watched the first few minutes of the new special on the history channel called life after people.

i learned a couple of things.

1) computer animators love to create footage of big things falling down. like bridges, skyscrapers and apartment complexes.

2) if the sump pumps that keep new york subways groundwater-free were to stop working, the tunnels would fill with water within 36 hours.

3) footage of starving dogs trying to pry open refrigerators makes me want to cry.


this is from the show's website:

Small Dogs - Bred over hundreds of years to be smaller, easier to care for and to require less food and exercise, small breeds of dogs, like the ever-popular chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers and pugs, will have difficulty staying alive after the demise of their owners. Although they can be highly intelligent, these small dogs have short legs and little strength or endurance, which will make it difficult for them to compete for food-if they can even make it out of the house, the first test of their survival. The smallest dogs probably won’t last a week without humans.

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