24 January 2008


sorry to miss the match game last night. i'm sure it was family-friendly fun, just like dick always is.

for the second day in a row, i've been at the hard rock cafe in times square before 10 am. times square is pretty much my least favorite place on earth, but damn, before i've had my coffee it's just brutal. although it is cool to see people up on cherry pickers with giant swiffers cleaning the displays.

the dammit title is for the feeling i had when i opened my bag this morning and discovering i'd left my book at home. staring at dr zizmor ads is not my idea of a good subway ride.

it's probably all for the best though, because i'm reading foucault's pendulum by umberto eco, which is a little bit like reading a book in a foreign language that i don't understand very well.

"o ? with the ? in the arms of ? and forced by ? to make a sacred vow that ? would revere" etc etc etc.

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  1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that Umberto Eco played a massive joke on the world when he wrote that book. I've "read" it and have no idea what it's about.