11 January 2008

new sights

y'all know how much i love the toothpaste. and having it for dinner.

what you may not know is that drew, the artist who runs toothpaste, is also a talented writer. in one of his old posts which i can't seem to find, the ohio native described a trip to new york city.

and what did he take away from a weekend in this glorious epicenter of culture?

he noted the lack of bathrooms.

yes, it is a problem, and i've got to say the day i spent in the lower east side with a pregnant friend was quite a challenge. that baby-to-be pressing on her bladder brought us to some interesting places in search of relief.

drew's technique was to pretend to be very, very drunk and fall down in the gutter. bushes also work well. once stationed properly, he would unzip his pants, pee in the gutter, zip up and walk away.

genius. if a little gross.

but drew, i am happy to say, at least in the flatiron district, you now have options.

read about the "first flush" ceremony here.

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