16 June 2008

after you... no, after you... subwayland tales

hi everybody! how was your weekend? mine was super, thanks for asking!


i had sushi with my friends. we all had our bracelets on. here's a picture!

then we got stuck in the rain. it was a theme this weekend.

then kathryn took me to a dance performance at ps 122. it was kind of weird. looking at the poster, you might imagine that yes, it would be kind of weird. but it was fun anyways! and then i took her out to dinner at panna, which is a ridiculous indian restaurant on first avenue. their actual motto that is printed on the menu is "where chili pepper lights meet christmas lights." no really.


we went to the beach! mmm, i love the first beach trip of the summer. we went to coney island. where we got stuck in the rain, again. we went to the aquarium instead. i was tired of walking so we got a wheelchair. after watching them feed the sharks we went outside and it was actually sunny! don't worry, i wore lots and lots of sunscreen and we were only out in the sun for a little bit.

and this whole story leads me to the book i was reading on the beach - subwayland: adventures in the world beneath new york by randy kennedy. click on that link to check out google books, it's super cool. and the book is amazing! it makes me conscious of all the crazy things that happen every day on the subway.

like this morning.

i transfer every day from the 4 express to the 6 local at 14th street-union square. it gets a little hectic sometimes.

i clamored onto the 6, not needing a seat because i only go one stop to 23rd street. a woman with a handful of bags edged towards a half seat next to a large man in a suit. he moved to the side but there still wasn't enough room. so then he got up, chivalrously offering his seat. but then she felt bad for making him get up. so she didn't sit down. but he was already up. so then they just stood there together chatting, talking about the nature of seat etiquette, all smiles.

with an empty bench beside them.

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