10 June 2008


on my spacious patio, i have a bathtub full of strawberry plants. i put them in last year but only yielded three strawberries - one was eaten during a house party, one was found by animals and my housemate and i split the third one. so after months of work, i ate a total of one-half of one strawberry.

but after surviving the long new york winter, my babies have thrived through this long, luxurious spring. and now a bumper crop is on its way!

tonight when i get home, i am going to eat the first strawberry of the summer! it was almost ready yesterday afternoon. i am so excited! because of the heat and my healing, i have to turn down the very sweet offer of a ticket to death cab for cutie and rogue wave playing at mccarren pool park tonight.

but that strawberry will take the edge off a little bit.

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