25 June 2008

txt me l8r

i thought i texted a lot. but i guess not. hannah, this is for you.

15-year-old girl sends 15,000 texts a month

A 15-year-old Stark County girl is very competitive: she gets good grades, plays sports and also has a natural talent at cell phone texting.Each month, she sends and receives thousands of messages. Paige Horne plays volleyball and basketball for her high school and her GPA is above 3.0.But Paige has another talent. She can text message someone faster than you can blink an eye. She averages about 15,000 texts a month.

She didn't know about her hidden talent until she went to the cell phone store to get her phone fixed."When I went to the store to get my phone fixed, he told me the reason it might be dead because that many text messages," said Horne.Just like LeBron James with a no-look pass, she can even text without looking."I just don't look. I guess I had the phone a long time and I just know where the buttons are and I just hit them," she said.Her texting does have a curfew, however: On school nights, the phone is shut off at 9 p.m. Her phone plan has unlimited texting included.

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  1. i thought i texted a lot. i only sent 1200 last month.