25 June 2008

deli magazine!

the deli is not only a new york institution. it's also a music magazine.

check out one of their recent features! it's an interview by lauren piper! about my band!

stuff that muffs
by Lauren Piper

Luff delivers dynamic, post-rock tunes that merge sonic pieces of sound with vibrating bass and heavy distortion. Their recent album’s title track, “Blanket Ice,” fills the speakers with warm and clanging drums as Sheila Sobolewski’s chilling female vocals whisper gently overtop. Both instinctual instrumental sections and brilliant vocal melodies keep the songs exciting and scenic feeling. “Parachutes and Propellers” shows off the band’s skills at blending and layering their instruments from deep bass riffs to lighter, more celestial elements of guitar and electronic texture. Melding styles reminiscent of Mogwai and the experimental influences of Sonic Youth, Luff brings together a swaying, ambient sound with unique vocals and deeper, distorted aspects of drum and bass. Definitely check this band out, the music is peaceful and capturing but still testing out the waters of unpredictability.

If each member of your band could be a super hero, what would your powers and names be?

Jonah: What do you mean &quotif" we were superheroes? Superpowers are a pre-requisite for being in the band. You have to like Yo La Tengo first, and then you have to demonstrate some magnificent display of your power, and then you're in.

Robin: Mind Bender. The power to turn assholes into nice people.

Sheila: I'd like to travel time. I could sort some shit out with that power. Captain Do-over. But what this town really needs is Rent Control-a-tron.

Do you have any motivational songs or foods before you write music together?

Jonah: We eat gluten-free wasabi-flavored Japanese rice crackers before most rehearsals.

Robin: Chocolate!

Sheila: Sushi, Chocolate, never together though. Ew.

Having transformed from just guitar and cello, how would you say things have changed dynamically as well as musically? What inspired the change?

Sheila: The cello will only get so loud, you know. I'd say, &quotPLAY REALLY LOUD!!!" but still, not so much.

Robin: We are much more hard rock now. We wanted to achieve both the qualities of solid density and melodic fluff all at once. Also the cellist didn't work out.

Jonah: Obviously I have to say the band really needed a bass player. Took it to 11, dynamically speaking.

What are the top five artists on your ipods/record players/etc… at this moment in time?

Jonah: The Acorn, Low Red Land, The Besnard Lakes, Once Soundtrack, Flight of the Conchords.

Robin: Tracer AMC, Kinski, Dump, Renminbi, GBV.

Sheila: Battles, The Twilight Sad, Deer Hoof, The Big Sleep, Grandaddy.

How many jokes do you get about people absolutely luffing you guys?

Robin: A fair amount. Enough that we should make &quotI LUFF LUFF" tees.

Jonah: I'm actually surprised at the amount of fans that find out about us searching online for information about sailing. It's too bad we didn't have a show together for Fleet Week. They would have loved us.

Sheila: Yes, what Jonah said.

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