15 October 2007

another hectic weekend

i should know by now that going to a bar where i know a majority of the staff is a dangerous proposition. and when nada surf played on friday, i was surrounded by friends at union hall. unfortunately the sound guy the band with whom the band was touring was utterly incompetent, and my audio engineer ears could barely handle the high treble hiss.

also, the band kind of sucked.

saturday i biked off my hangover and went to potentially the second-to-last open market at the red hook ballfields. if you haven't been, this saturday might be your last chance. either way, after next weekend they close until the spring. the tarp-covered foodie's paradise is chock-full of local delicacies from latin and south america -- huaraches, papusas, giant tamales wrapped in banana leaves. it's all delicious. i don't remember the specifics, but there's something about their vendor permits and the parks department and a senator coming there over the summer to support the market staying open.

fyi, if you get the ceviche, careful with the green salsa they provide. that salsa, like c+c music factory, is gonna make you sweat.

did i tell you i'm in the band? well, i am.

more biking to band practice that afternoon. and oops, i forgot my cheat sheet with the chord progressions to all the songs. but hey, i pulled it off ok. it sort of felt like taking the training wheels off my bike. except my bike was a bass guitar.

do you not have dental insurance and live in new york? check this out: FREE DENTAL HYGIENE

i've got an appointment tomorrow. hmmm, but i hate the dentist. we'll see how this goes. three hours at the dentist? there better be laughing gas.


  1. Dude, I get you on the guest list and you say bad things? Ouch! Also, from what I was told, it sounded like a Mercedes in there on Friday.

  2. sorry bro, don't get me wrong -- i had a great time! i guess i just have picky ears.