12 October 2007

park sloop

tonight i'll be sailing the seas of park slope -- nada surf is playing at union hall! text me if you're in the hood.

and now, the story of the mystery cell phone.

yesterday i found a cell phone at the foot of a borough hall subway turnstile. rather than turn it over to the mysterious tombs of the mta lost and found, i decided to keep it and try and track the owner down.

first strange thing: not a single outgoing call had been placed since august.

second strange thing: attempts to call "mom" and "home" met with disconnected numbers.

third strange thing: emails sent to addresses stored in phone all bounce back.

i think i have a new phone!

but i have t-mobile and the phone is verizon. anyone with verizon service want a sweet camera phone?

am i a bad person?

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