23 October 2007

a full mouth

so finally the other half of my mouth is clean. that was a strange week, to have the right side of my teeth sparkling and wide-gapped and the left side still covered in crap.

but it's all good now.

svetlana took me into the radiology dept and gave me a full set of x-rays. in the middle of the session with a film set between my teeth, there was a knock on the door and a wizened crew-cut carpenter came in with a rolling palette. i have to work in here, he said. now we're talking about a tiny x-ray lab and here he comes wheeling this wide load into the room. he gets about four feet in before he discovers that his palette won't fit through the door into the next room. slam! he tries to jam it in. slam! i start laughing and the film falls out of my mouth. svetlana starts laughing. al? paging al the carpenter? the radio blares. he pulls his palette out of the room and is gone. i guess he didn't have work to do after all.

in the radiology waiting room:

aw, the radiology teachers have pets!

yes, that is definitely my plan.

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