15 October 2007

falling into fall

growing up in california there were seasons, but they were subtle. it took years to glean the changes, a few trees losing their leaves, the rain in winter, the verdant hills which roasted to golden in the summer.

there are problems with a lack of seasons. the years can just wash over you like so many days on end. wait, you say, was that the winter of aught-four? it rained then. where was i that summer when it actually was pretty warm? it's all a little confusing, fogged-over perhaps.

but here, it's a different story. even with global warming lessening the tenacity of our east coast winters, it's very obvious when it's february as opposed to august, especially a block from the harbor. the atlantic avenue wind is already picking up, and although i'm actually a fan of winter (thanks minnesota), i'm not a friend of the bitter chill coming off the water.

so we move into fall, tightening the circle, closing inwards, stashing our proverbial acorns and preparing for the long haul.

bonus? no more looking at capri pants.

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