10 October 2007

happy happy joy joy

the t key on my laptop is still broken, but i reconnected my bluetooth keyboard and now i have a most excellent ergonomic workstation -- monitor at eye level, foot rest to keep my hips even, wrist pads for both keyboard and mouse.

aahhh, this is the life.

really, just having a keyboard with a working t is a major victory for me. why didn't i get batteries months ago?

i've been busy recently, lots of time behind the bar and working on various red hot projects and taking my twins out for photographic adventures. on friday i bought them each a disposable camera and we walked through the neighborhood taking pictures. i can't wait to see their pictures! even though i'm betting that most of them will be finger-obscured.

this blog stole a video from another blog, and i was laughing so hard that i had to steal it too. enjoy!

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