01 October 2007

the weekend in cell phone pictures

this is cool -- a car on the set of the new coen brothers movie that happens to be in production a few blocks away. i always wondered how they filmed people in cars. it seems like the front seat would be really crowded with a cameraman in there.

two from the dumbo arts festival. dumbo in dumbo!

found what? oh my god, your art is so confusing!

i know it's hard to tell, but take a closer look. i stuck one dart into the other one! slow night at the bar. but at least i am totally robin hood. of darts.

the atlantic antic!!! joy of joys. i love this day! there's something so powerful about watching this street, this street that i both love and hate, worship and curse, be completely transformed, filled to the brim with people and taken over, if only for a day. this is the view from the v.i.p. section, otherwise known as my roof.

special atlantic antic version of...

who wants a mustache ride?


  1. Great views of your world. And the Coen Brothers are filming there? Recently the hot news is that they would be filming in their home state of Minnesota.

  2. I see a lot of the "Found" signs at Columbia/120th street. Weird. Massive street ad campaign?