24 March 2008

easter excess

hello folks. i am tired. did you go to church yesterday? i was going to catch an afternoon service but someone lied about the schedule. so my church consisted of eating fantastic food and watching basketball.

jesus hates me. for the second year in a row.

but even jesus would have been jealous of our easter spread. grass-fed roasted lamb, peach-bourbon glazed ham, pork-fried collards, quiches, sweet potato gratin etc etc etc.

the buddhist grace from thich nhat hanh i said before the meal asked that "we take only that which nourishes." i'm afraid that was a little tough to follow.

also i met this guy named christopher who is an awesome photographer.

going in reverse, saturday night was the last night i will ever bartend at magnetic field.


that's supposed to be a crying emoticon but i think it looks more like a penis. it's not. it's me crying. stop laughing at my tears.

one more week left! it's really the end of an era. there are huge shows all this week so i have a feeling that my current tired state will last for quite some time.

friday night was the last MF show by my friends klimpter. they are awesome and it was sad to see them one last time on their home turf. :(:::::

maybe last exit should just build a stage. that would solve a lot of these emotional issues around the field closing.

enjoy your monday!


  1. It wasn't funny in a text and it's still not funny now.

  2. Was that supposed to be a vagina?

  3. no...


    that's a vagina.

    (o) (x)

    and those are assholes.


    and that is the same poop. back and forth forever.