19 March 2008

two years!

today marks two years that i have been sending my words/pictures/videos into your eyes via the series of tubes we call internet. that means it's been two years since i moved to new york!

that is just crazy and makes me feel old. but when i think about it, well, i moved to new york with a goal.

believe it or not, it was not to be a bartender and stay up til dawn every night. although that was pretty fun for a while.

and neither was my goal to nanny, although i had some great times with those nutty kids.

no, my actual declared goal was to move to new york and work at the intersection of music and health care. and that's actually what i'm doing!

so even if i feel old, i also feel pretty awesome about that.

i have some work to do this morning but check in later - i have a special recap of the past two years that i'm putting together.

thanks for reading!

xo j

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