12 March 2008

hooray for bike riding?

last night i stepped out of the subway after work and found myself invited to a dinner party. what i didn't realize is that the hosts had been drinking sparks all day, which made for a hilarious scene. it was sort of like hanging out with people on speed. which is pretty much only fun if you're on speed too. and since i think sparks is just about the most foul beverage on the planet, i passed and became merely a spectator to the caffeine/taurine/guarana/ginseng fueled madness.

since it's getting on the warm-ish side of winter, i decided to ride my bike. it's still a little cold to ride comfortably, but it wasn't so bad. actually nice to be back on the wheels after most of a winter away.

but i don't think my body was ready for it. i think i tweaked something. something...important.

it feels like someone has grabbed my left testicle. and not in a good way. and they won't let go.

testicular pain makes everything easy and awesome! have a great day!

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