17 March 2008

rock star weekend

talk about going out with a bang!

friday was the last live band karaoke ever and man oh man, did we do it right.

i seem to remember winning the award for most shirtless... before i even took my clothes off. just one of those nights.

for some reason i can't download jay's pictures at flickr but if you feel like sorting through 500 pictures of drunken mayhem, follow the link above. they're priceless.

thank you so much to those of you who made it to the show last night. it was like a life reunion - three people from my high school in california, friends from college, fellow musicians... i can't believe that's the last time i'll take the stage at the field. i couldn't have felt better about how it went and i'm totally motivated to play more shows. i'll keep y'all posted on that front.

anyways, it's monday and i should probably get some work done!

don't let a crane fall on you today.

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