18 March 2008


when i was a kid, my friend went to the u.k. and came back explaining that the playground taunting was 1000 times worse than here in the states.

he'd even seen a poor little fat kid crying surrounded by a circle of dancing, chanting children singing "you're a terrible person, you're a terrible person" over and over again.

that's even funnier when you imagine it in a british accent...

a new survey of u.k. teachers reveals this generation's most used insults:

Gay (83%)
Bitch (59%)
Slag (45%)
Poof (29%)
Batty boy (29%)
Slut (26%)
Queer (26%)
Lezzie (24.8%)
Homo (22%)
Faggot (11%)
Sissy (5%)

we are talking about some seriously homophobic kids here!


  1. or a whooooole lotta closet cases.

  2. Is slag homophobic? Where is wikipedia.uk.co when I need it?

  3. ahh internet, you have everything.

    from a dictionary of british slang


    Noun. 1. A prostitute or promiscuous woman. Also occasionally heard with reference to such men. Derog.
    2. A contemptible person. Derog.
    Verb To put down, verbally. Meaning the same as 'slag off'.