26 March 2008

get charlie off the MTA

coming to work early this morning, i realized the utter importance of working a job in this town that starts at 10 am. the crush of people was suffocating - i can't wait until i get to do that all summer long!

but here's the problem - tomorrow i'll have to buy my first monthly pass since the fare increase. $81 a month, no small change on my meager (to say the least) nonprofit salary.

hey, at least the system has a monthly pass - i have friends who commute in san francisco on BART that pay $150 a month, and that doesn't covert the buses/streetcars/cable cars. thank goodness the auto industry bankrupted effective public transit systems in the bay and all over the country....

but as i shuffled gingerly in my tiny space on the train, it didn't make me any happier that the MTA has postponed that all of the proposed developments that were the supposed reason behind the fare increase. awww, did the poor little MTA lose some money?? join the freakin' club!

i was all excited that the G train was slated for serious improvement - as the bastard child of the subway system, it could definitely use some work. and since i've just joined a kickball team called "booze on first" that plays in mccarren park, it would really be awesome if the g train was even a little more usable.

i guess it still is the train to nowhere.

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