06 April 2007

it's easter dammit!

yesterday i looked out the window of my office at madison and 30th, up to the soaring heights of the empire state building. and i could barely see it because of the thick horizontal snowflakes. that is so not cool at all. the last gasp of winter is always frustrating, but it looks like highs in the 40s through the weekend. hello, it's jesus time! do you realize, controllers of weather, that you're totally going to piss jesus off? what about all the barbeques and egg hunts that are somehow related to his teachings? if it's cold this weekend, it'll ruin everything.

it was bad enough when you ruined christmas.

and when i say you, i mean my sister hannah.

1 comment:

  1. If you are bummed out now, take note that in 2008 Easter occurs on March 23.